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In an earlier interview with news. Similarly, the website is translated into other languages by volunteers, although this effort is running down due to a perceived lack of involvement from the LiveJournal administration. Anyway, their files can be found and downloaded on Mediafire.

You can help by adding to it. Reading fanfics could be done in a breeze, checking e-mails can be done constantly and most importantly, downloading doujinshis and manga scans are so effing easy. This was eventually made a separate option, like the "friend of" list, and reworded so that the lists would have to be selected to include them in a profile, rather than to select an option to remove them.

Hidaka Shoko Year of First Print: Privacy[ edit ] LiveJournal provides an option intended to reduce the chances of search engines indexing a journal; however, the only way to make it completely impossible for such indexing to occur is to set the entry security to "friends only" or higher when first posting the entry.

The new terms prompted wide concern from users who believed that their content would now be targeted under Russian censorship policies, including the country's "gay propaganda" law. The current FAQ says that nudity is not appropriate in default user pictures; the original FAQ said that graphic sexual content was not appropriate.

Arashi no Ato After a Storm Mangaka: Users can also have replies sent directly to their registered e-mail address. Labeling as adult material does not convey in any way that this content is considered obscene, in the legal definition of the term.

The first attack on March 30 took down the site for several hours. Those suspended users who have paid for LiveJournal's service do not have payments refunded.

Of the attacks, Russian president Dmitry Medvedev commented in April that "what has occurred should be examined by LiveJournal's administration and law enforcement agencies. Users who are interested in a particular subject can find or create a community for this subject. Will the storm calm down.

Ch 5 and 6 was released as a one-shot called "Blue Sky Love". Photos and voice posts that have been uploaded there are easy to include in the log entry. Introduced to Ashihara by his senpai in his company, Murakami is totally obsessed with Ashihara. Anyone who joins a community can make posts to it as they would on a regular journal; communities also have "maintainers", ordinary users who run the community and oversee membership and moderation.

LiveJournal's history prior to The Comic Strip" community on LiveJournal. Completed July 28, He sold the company to Six Apart in Comments on a given entry may be allowed from anyone who can read the entry or restricted.

In particular, he noted that Livejournal's normal practice of reviewing suspensions and notifying suspended account holders had not been followed: Approximatelyaccounts were at risk.

It's a very cool site.

How do i actually read the manga in sites like dragonvoice, attractive fascinante and such?

Completed March 31, In February and Marchthere was an effort, nicknamed the Bazaar, to boost volunteer performance by offering money in return for "wanted" enhancements or improvements.

Rumors of the impending sale were first reported by Business 2. LiveJournal created an Abuse Prevention Team and processes to handle claims about violations of the Terms of Service, violations of copyright, violations of the lawand other issues.

Instead, LiveJournal began showing ads on all pages, including postings by paid contributors, unless the reader of the page was also a logged-in paid contributor.

As well as allowing embedded videos from other sites, LiveJournal can host videos and allows users who have enabled the updated site design to post links to the hosted videos. Anyway, here are some cool scanlation sites that you can check out if you want to download and read some manga or doujinshis.


Honjou Rie Year of First Print: The development of the LiveJournal software has seen extensive volunteer involvement in the past. For Communities with fewer than members, the entire Members list will be displayed on a Community Info page.

Users may restrict who can comment on their posts in addition to who has the ability to read their posts. Basic and plus accounts do not have an official web-based method, and normally must manually change such settings one by one; some third party clients, such as Livejournal Visibility Changer, [40] provide this functionality for non-paid users.

Manga and DJ scans, everyone. Some have also worried that SUP's purchase of the community was less to make a profit and more to curtail or even dissolve the strong independent Russian blogging community, silencing dissent the government found inconvenient.

LiveJournal is the largest online community on the Runet, with about 45% of all entries in the Russian blogosphere. According to Alexa Internet 50% of LiveJournal's audience is located in Russia. [31]Owner: Rambler Media Group. Please make sure that you are an actual member of the community and not just watching it.

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Only members can be granted community posting access. You don't have to be a member to leave/fill a prompt. Now created: Bite Sized Bits of Fic from collection on AO3 for you to. The Write Away where ideas take flight Our goal is to grow as writers, readers, and reviewers while making friends with the other members, all within a tight knit community free of plagiarism woes.

las medias rojas - the red stockings. 1st-May pm. write_away.

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journeys__end. I think this is as good a piece of 'amateur' poetry as I have so far encountered on LiveJournal. Peace Jonah. Reply; Thread; Link; 1st-May pm (UTC) journeys__end "Uncle" Clodio is her father.

In the narrative that I transformed, this. LiveJournal. Find more. Communities; (there's a link to it on the aforementioned form. It's also in our profile.) If you've been with us for a while, fear not! If, however, you are looking for a more secure place to showcase your writing at the moment, check out our sister community, the_write_away!

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Write away community livejournal afascinante
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