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The Pope, being the ultimate court of appeal, cannot for shame be a mere expression of any local prejudice; this may easily be strong among local ecclesiastics, without any evil intention; but the remote arbiter at Rome must make some attempt to keep himself clear of it.

The more you see of these three in a written piece, the more you should suspect it, if only because jargon shows you nothing particular, concrete or definite.

But his doctrinal position was rather more clearly defined after it had been defied. The Poet is the Maker; he is the creator of a cosmos; and Chaucer is the creator of the whole world of his creatures.

Unlike a lead, a billboard rarely gives everything away. It were perhaps too sanguine a simplicity to say that this book is intended to be popular; but at least it is intended to be simple. Hendrick letter to Henry Morgenthau of April 7,in which Hendrick refers to discussions with Morgenthau of the possibility of Doubleday, Page 8z Co.

They also have features which make them suited to long or complex legal documents with named or numbered chapters or clauses. I consider the word fitness itself to be one of these words.

Example of a soft-lead sentence Humans will be going to the moon again. People may know what the word repetition means by itself but still not understand what you mean when you use it in a fitness article. If we think of it often, while its essentials doubtless remain true, it becomes more and more our own memory of the thing rather than the thing remembered.

The shortest way of describing it is to say, in modern language, that the Papacy condescended to employ up-to-date methods of Advertisement.

If that blanket wrapping our skills is stronger our skill will be more perfect. Nevertheless, as I have said, it is well to see the ecclesiastical and social situation in the large, if we see it at all. A thousand times have I heard men tell as Chaucer himself would put it that the poet wrote The Rime of Sir Topas as a parody of certain bad romantic verse of his own time.

And, according to the ancient conception of his function, the poet was concerned with things; with the tears of things, as in the great lament of Virgil; with the delight in the number of things, as in the lighthearted rhyme of Stevenson; with thanks for things, as in the Franciscan Canticle of the Sun or the Benedicite Omnia Opera.

Definitions of professionalism differ among news agencies ; their reputations, according to both professional standards and reader expectations, are often tied to the appearance of objectivity.

The paradox of such a system, at this moment, is that it might really be easier to revive it as a medieval Public School than as a modern Public School.

In any case, watching such work has made one great difference to my life and views to this day. I mean a humorist in the grand style; a humorist whose broad outlook embraced the world as a whole, and saw even great humanity against a background of greater things.

She is now living in Vancouver as Mrs. Of course we cannot do without generalities and abstracts. I'll explain it when I need to but I'm not going to type out a full explanation every single time, and I could probably think of simpler language to use.

Before re-entering higher education he was editor of the Sunday Correspondent, deputy editor and news editor of the Guardian, News Review editor of the Sunday Times and Londoner's Diary editor on the Evening Standard.

But my only point for the moment is personal or psychological; my own private testimony to the curious fact that, for some reason or other, a boy often does pass, from an early stage when he wants to know nearly everything, to a later stage when he wants to know next to nothing.

Even now, having read so much of this kind of writing, it is hard to keep from doing it myself. The Black Death which decimated the priesthood, leaving hardly enough priests to go round and admitting a good many who had much better not have gone round.

As you can see jargon involves poetic or highly technical sounding language but the actual words used are almost never concrete. Bartholomew or the Boyne.

He is not only the father of all our poets, but the grandfather of all our hundred million novelists.

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If you are fooled into thinking the writer is smarter than you then you are less likely to apply critical thinking to what they say. The firm was, and indeed still is, agent for the large Phillimore Estate then owned by two brothers who both played considerable public parts; Admiral Phillimore who died long ago and Lord Justice Phillimore, one of the most famous of the modern English judges, who died more recently.

Chaucer is pleased with the absurdity of making a cock act like a man. The writing matters; but don't think of it as art. Think of it as working writing, writing doing a job, writing that puts across information in a way that makes readers want to absorb it. Introduction. If I were writing this in French, as I should be if Chaucer had not chosen to write in English, I might be able to head this preliminary note with something like Avis au lecteur; which, with a French fine shade, would suggest without exaggeration the note of it is, I feel tempted to write, 'Beware!' or some such melodramatic phrase.

Tom Wolfe, an early practitioner of 'new journalism' who captured the mood and culture of America across five decades with books including 'The Bonfire of the Vanities,' 'The Right Stuff,' and 'The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test,' has died at the age of 88, his agent said.


I can tell you all the things that are wrong with journalese: it’s clichéd; lazy writing betrays lazy thought; good stories don’t need it; it’s a code.

And there are phrases I hate: “tragic tot” is an awful, glib way to write about a dead child, and its use should be a criminal offence. But I have a “shameful secret”.

From ``Forging a Bilingual Identity: A Writer's Testimony, by Ketaki Kushari Dyson [ch. 11 of Bilingual Women (), pp. ], p. A consequence of being well known in Bengal has meant [sic] that it has been easier for me to publish most of my English-language books from India books of poetry have been published from.

Massacre at Malmedy: The Story of Jochen Peiper's Battle Group Ardennes, December, (Pen & Sword paperback) [Charles Whiting] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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InColonel Peiper, commander of a crack regiment of Panzer tanks, allegedly gave orders that anything confro nting the Panzers should be mown .

Journalese writing a cover
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